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World Carfree Network

World Carfree Network (WCN, [translation of the name in your language]) is the hub of the global carfree movement. The network aims to bring together organisations and individuals dedicated to promoting alternatives to car dependence and automobile-based planning at the international level and working to reduce the human impact on the natural environment while improving the quality of life for all. Such alternatives are proposed, analysed and realised by individuals and organisations from around the world.

World Carfree Network supports carfree ways of life and demands a stop to the automobile-oriented planning of our cities and communities. Automobilism is a threat to all of us: the noise, exhaust gases, waste of resources, loss of public space and deathly dangers in street traffic. We want a better, safer, more peaceful and environmentally-friendly future for us all - the young and the elderly, the healthy and the sick, the poor and the rich people.

Worldcarfree.net is a clearinghouse of information from around the world and offers resources for architects, planners, teachers/professors, students, decision-makers and engaged citizens - like movies, books and scientific studies. Not to forget stickers, t shirts and other fun stuff.

More about us:
• Global Network - Introduction (Global Network - Introduction)
• Global Charter (Global Charter)

World Carfree Network welcomes new Member Organisations (Global Member Organisations). Groups that support our goals can join the network by downloading the Global Charter (network`s Charter) in the original English version, signing it, and sending it in to our Prague office. Details:
• Becoming a Member Organisation (Becoming a Member Organisation)
WCN Global Charter (PDF, 110 kb, english)

For more information about our projects (Our Projects) - for example the annual conference series Towards Carfree Cities (Conference), the Carbusters Magazin (Carbusters), the international contact directory Green Pages (Green Pages), the Resource Centre (Resource Centre) - you may contact (contact) us at the following address:

World Carfree Network (WCN)
International Coordination Centre (ICC)
Kratka 26
100 00 Prague 10
Czech Republic
tel: +(420) 274-810-849
email: (General information)

Persons who speak [your language here] are among the staff in our office in Prague (ICC Staff), in the Steering Committee (Steering Committee), in the Advisory Board (Advisory Board) - and of course among the Member Organisations (Global Member Organisations).

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