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update July 10, 2008, Markus Heller:
The Statutes of WCN Europe (12. Sep. 2006) are the currently valid version. Download them as ZIP file or watch them as single pages (JPG), see links below. Also available as paper version in the office (ICC).

This new version is different in a lot of points to the previous version (see link at the end of this page), a few are important. Some examples and additional information:

>>> There are new names:
Instead of "Advisory Board" (old EU-Stat.) it is "Oversight Board" (new EU-Stat.). Same with "Administrative Committee" (old) and "Management Committee" (new):
(New) Article 7: Structures and Organs of the Association
1. The organs of the Association consists of:
- The Annual General Meeting
- The Steering Committee
- The Management Committee
- The Oversight Board
2. (...)"

>>> The current members of the WCN Europe Steering Committee are:
see WCN Europe Steering Committee.
According to Article 10.4. of the currently valid WCN EU Stat., the SC must consist of at least 3 individuals.

>>> The current members of the WCN Europe Management Committee (MC) are:
see WCN Europe Management Committee.
According to Article 11.1. of the currently valid WCN EU Stat., the MC includes one member of the Steering Committee. MC must consist of at least 3 individuals.

>>> The current members of the WCN Europe Oversight Board (OB) are:
see WCN Europe Oversight Board.
AGM 2008 elected into OB:
- Daniel Mourek
- Mical Krivohlavek
- Stephan von Pohl.
AGM 2008 decided: In case one OB member resigns before next AGM, the remaining two OB members will appoint a new OB member.
According to Article 12.1. of the currently valid WCN EU Stat., the OB can include one member of a WCN member organisation, the others have to be Externals. The OB must consist of 3 individuals.

>>> A problem is in the (new) Article 10.4 (Steering Committee):
"(...) In the event that a Steering Committee member resigns between Annual General Meetings, an Extraordinary General Meeting may be called. (...)"
The previous EU-Statutes (by Arie) said in Article 12.d.: "(...) the Advisory Board appoints a new member to fill the remainder of the term."
I recommend to change the new Statutes in this point. It is not practicable to call members from across Europe to an extra AGM only for the replacement of an SC member. It needs to be checked, if it would be according to Czech law, if the Oversight Board appoints a new Steerie in case of resigning between AGMs.

>>> The role of the Oversight Board (new) is completly different from the previous version (with the AB in the role of a scientific board):
(New) Article 12: The Oversight Board
1. The Oversight Board is the internal oversight organ of the Association and it is made up of 3 individuals chosen by the Annual General Meeting. At least 2 members of the Oversight Board will not be representatives of any Member Organisation. The Oversight Board is elected for a two-year term.
2. The members of the Oversight Board have the right to participate in all meetings of the Steering Committee and Management Committee as observers, and have the right to make recommendations to these organs during meetings.
3. The members of the Oversight Board are given access to view all documents and financial accounts of the Association.
4. During their term, Members of the Oversight Board may not be members of the Steering Committee or the Management Committee.
5. The Oversight Board has the following duties:
- The Oversight Board must make a check at least once a year to ensure that the activities of the Steering Committee and the Management Committee are in accordance with the Statutes of the Association and the decisions made by AGM.
- The Oversight Board presents an evaluation of the Association`s budget and annual financial report to the AGM.
- The Oversight Board may present recommendations to the AGM concerning any activity of the Association.
- The Oversight Board gives its assessment at the AGM in the event of a proposal to dissolve the Association.

>>> There are much more changes, but I stop here. Check the new paper version !

~ ~ ~

The previous version - WCN Europe Statutes 12. Apr. 2006 (Draft by Arie Farnam) - is not valid and published only for "historical" reasons.

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