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Job descriptions at WCN

Kamila ("Office Manager")

  • Co-ordinate EVS programme and volunteers
  • Liaison to part-time accountant and Mr. Sezima
  • Petty cash management
  • Writing the annual report
  • Writing official board meeting minutes (2x/year)
  • Filing of (changes to) statutes + other documents
  • Grant administration
  • Office supplies + equipment procurement
  • Landlord liaison
  • Contracts and personnel issues
  • Assistance to fundraiser for Czech grants
  • Liaison to all Czech gov't agencies/departments
  • Translation of monthly bulletin into Czech
  • Optional participation in one or more network projects

Radka ("Financial Manager")

  • Budget development and management
  • Book keeping and cash flow management
  • Bank account management
  • Cheque processing
  • Tax declarations
  • Financial reports
  • Assisting grant writer with project grant budgets

Randy ("co-director")

  • Co-editor of magazine (5 hrs/week)
  • Member Organisation liaison (3 hrs/week)
  • Steering Committee liaison (3 hrs/week)
  • Conference liaison and AGM organising (3 hrs/week)
  • E-mail communication - general (3 hrs/week)
  • Weekly meeting (3 hrs/week)
  • Assistance to fundraiser (3 hrs/week)
  • Lunch time (2.5 hrs/week)
  • Assistance to other staff (2 hrs/week)
  • Grant management - EC, Biketour, etc. (2 hrs/week)
  • Miscellaneous tasks (2 hrs/week)
  • Editing/proofreading various WCN documents (2 hrs/week)
  • Member of Media working group (2 hrs/week)
  • Cooking lunch, office cleaning, dish washing (2 hrs/week)
  • Member of Carfree Area Pilot Project working group (1 hr/week)
  • Tasks outside office - photocopying, etc. (1 hr/week)
  • Rotating tasks (0.5 hrs/week)
    Total: 40 hrs/week

Christi (Fundraising & Media Coordinator)

  • Grantwriting
  • Researching funding opportunities
  • Strategic planning and project development
  • Grant management
  • Assisting Financial Manager with budgeting and needs assement
  • Media relations
  • Magazine contributor and "studies" editor
  • Development of grant and media related resources for members
  • Other office work, as needed

Steven ("Visegrad Project Coordinator")

  • Coordinator of Visegrad Project - 13 hrs/week
  • Liason to local Prague organizations - 1.5 hrs/week
  • Answers and replies to info@carbusters.org ("info") - 1.5 hrs/week
  • writes World Carfree News - 4 hrs/week

Steve ("Web Projects")

  • Maintain websites (worldcarfree.net, carbusters.org) - 4hrs a week
  • Place magazine on-line - 4hrs once every 3 months
  • Manage Carfree Green Pages - 4hrs a week
    approve updates, input data if group emails us instaed of doing it themselves
  • Conference
    • pre-conference: update page as program changes - 2hrs a week for 2months
    • post-conference: upload presentations - 6hrs total
    • post-conference: create photos page - 8hrs total
  • Autoholics Anonymous
    Only just starting: over next 4 months, anticipate communication with Transport 2000, organising first web design, making key chains etc.

("WCFD Co-ordinator")

  • maintain WCFD webpage - 2hrs a week
    add links to webpage, receive emails from online form - add events
  • communicate with members and with other groups who have registered their events - 3hrs a week July-September
    inclues getting reports after WCFD
  • answer reporter questions - 1hr a week in September


  • Magazine contributions - 1hr a day for 2weeks
  • Magazine layout and to printer - 2hrs a day for 1week
  • Answer and reply to info@worldcarfree.net ("wcn") - 2hrs a day

Tanja ("Co-editor of the mag & Graphic Designer")

  • General graphic design on networks projects
  • Magazine design, graphics images and layout
  • Magazine contributions
  • New products
  • Also answers and replies to info@carbusters.org ("info")
  • Unofficial mentor for EVS volunteers (little practicalities at the office and outside)

Gandalf ("Resources") An example of some things that I've done lately that I don't really know how to bring togheter under one name:

  • Copying CD and DVDs for Fukk cars filmnight in berli
  • Learning how to rip DVDs to computer
  • Gotten software for above mentioned tasks
  • Updated AVG virus reference file(friendly, sky, fnky and squeaky) every morning when I'm the first one here
  • Trying to free up more space for resources
  • Flyering for WCFD
  • Learned how to set up a "lost" pegasus account
  • Minimal webupdates

and probably more stuff that I forgot about now. this is the kind of stuff that I do that in the end takes up time.

  • Check and deal with orders@worldcarfree.net
  • Fill orders
  • Re-order items if out of stock
  • Postoffice runs
  • Biketour project liasion
  • Updating the Info in the Greenpages
  • Doing peoples dishes and trying to keep the kitchen clean
  • Widen the selection in resource centre
  • Co-editor of magazine

I can't really tell how much time each thing takes, but i'll try to do it ASAP.


  • Coordinator of May 2006 meeting (Tabor?)
  • Coordinator of office construction projects
  • Back-up resources person (if Gandalf is away)


  • Co-editor of magazine
  • various research projects
  • Member of Carfree Area Pilot Project working group
  • Back-up resources person (if Gandalf is away)

Miscellaneous jobs that need to be done

  • regular scanning of websites and magazines for magazine and bulletin
    (includes foreign-language publications: French, German, etc.)
  • make list of resources to be scanned regularly
  • maintaining our library?
  • Advisory Board liaison
  • creation of WCN Powerpoint presentation
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