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What They've Said about Roadkill Bill.......

"Ken Avidor has a wickedly keen eye for the many futilities of our car-obsessed culture. He's one of the few commentators in the nation who is able to make this tragic situation funny."

James Howard  Kunstler, author of "The Geography of Nowhere" and other books

"Feeling the pressure to drive bigger and buy bigger than ever? I prescribe Ken Avidor comics... Take as often as necessary, for immediate relief."

James R. Chiles, author, Inviting Disaster: Lessons From the Edge of Technology

"How great to see a book featuring my favorite cartoon character! The witty wisdom of Roadkill Bill gives us a thousand more reasons to shift out of our overdrive lifestyles. Ken Avidor's blend of wry humor and social commentary delivers insight with a punch. Sell the SUV and buy this book!"

Katie Alvord, author, Divorce Your Car!: Ending the Love Affair with the Automobile

"Ken Avidor continues his wonderful yet gruesome cartoons featuring the plight of Roadkill Bill, a furry animal who meets every imaginable form of discourtesy, death and destruction on the world’s streets and highways. While often amusing, Avidor’s work carries a serious message, one that deserves the wider showing that this book will undoubtedly provide."

J.H. Crawford, author, Carfree Cities

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