World Carfree Network - WorldCarfreeDay

The TASKS that must be done by the ICC for World Carfree Day are:

COMPILE RESOURCES and PRESS RELEASES: Doing a presskit, compiling last years WCD,... An example of resource could be a poster for NGO's to use like announcement.

On our website we should have place where people could find all kind of actions that they can do. These actions should be divided by different categories: by difficulty, time to plan them, resources needed,...

UPDATE THE WEB: organizers registers, updating what they did in their cities, creating a Carfree Day Discussion List.

FOLLOW UP (after the Carfree Day): who's done what? how it went...


FIND OUT what is the THEME of the Europan Union for 2007. And find out what will be ours. Randy suggested: Building a liveable future in changing climate (he has an explanation ready).

We realised we need a new Carfree Green Pages Coordinator.

LIASON between local Carfree Day Organizers.

CONTACT member ORG's, org's from green pages, and from EU database to offer resources (let them know they should order it in time), ask for a small report on what did they do last years and what are they planning for this one.

Randy will write an announcement for the March Bulletin, and send an email to the org's also trying to encourage people to do something for WCD. He will also ask them to send us videos or pictures, so that we can do compilation .

Christi will work on the presskit, the outreach announcement and the press releases.

Steven will do a compilation of previous actions.

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