World Carfree Network - SteeringCommittee

Dear members of the World Carfree Network Advisory Board:

Greetings from the network's Steering Committee. We are writing to keep you better informed about the network's activities. With this in mind we attach for you our newly completed 2005 annual report, as well as the minutes of Steering Committee decisions made since the 2005 AGM. (The 2006 AGM will be held on May 26 in Tabor, CZ and you are all very welcome to attend: www.worldcarfree.net/tabor2006/.)

We would like to give you ample opportunities to get involved in the network. If there is any particular project that you'd like to get involved in, please don't hesitate to contact us. Projects are listed at www.worldcarfree.net/projects/ as well as in the annual report.

The network uses three primary communication fora, listed below. We'd like to invite you to sign up for the free monthly bulletin (just one e-mail a month) and also to get a free subscription to Carbusters magazine. For those interested in getting really active, we also have a listserv where network matters are discussed and projects developed.

1. World Carfree News (monthly e-bulletin):
subscribe info at www.worldcarfree.net/bulletin/

2. Carbusters (quarterly magazine):
please send us your address to receive a complimentary subscription

3. carfree_network (discussion list):
subscribe info at www.worldcarfree.net/listservs/

Lastly, we would suggest that there should be some agreed-upon process for the Advisory Board to be solicited for advice. Perhaps each of you could have a short listing of topics about which you could be consulted? Would you want anyone from any member organisation to be able to contact you directly, or should there be one person serving as the go-between? If you prefer the first option, would you be willing to have your contact details made available in the Members-Only section of the Worldcarfree.net website? (By the way, you can access that section by entering 'getactive' in the login box on the left side of the home page.)

Thank you for your time. We look forward to hearing from you. To serve as a liaison person from the Steering Committee, you can communicate with Gabrielle Hermann:
e-mail: hermann AT itdp-europe.org
Skype: gabbyherm
work: +49 30-221-623-311
Skype number: +1 978-631-0402
mobile: +49 171-434-5981

Best regards,


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