World Carfree Network - SteeringCommittee

Decision-making process
In the past, most of our decisions have been made using the Steering Committee e-mail list. The facilitator introduces an agenda item and sets a timeline for comments. Some items are just for discussion, others are proposals requiring a vote.

The facilitator may request that SC members respond only if they have objections to a proposal, or that people respond by a deadline with a yes or no vote. If a vote is called for, a quorum of half of all SC members (rounded up) is required to make a decision. This means that by any decision-making deadline we must have the opinion of at least four Steering Committee members (currently, there are 7 SC members). For a proposal to pass, 60% of votes must be in favor of the proposal.

To keep things simple, we have agreed to discuss only one topic at a time. New agenda items are introduced only after the previous decision has been made, or a discussion topic has been closed.


The current agenda is posted on the Current Agenda page. SC members can edit the page to add new agenda items or to remove agenda items once a decision has been made.

Function of the Wiki page
The wiki page is used only for posting the agenda. Decisions are made via email.

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