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June 8, 2008: Dear all, I have volunteered to update the media list on this page, and will so by August 2008. Please feel free to email portland@worldcarfree.net if you need a media list before this.

In the meantime, it seems best to delete the outdated lists of emails and contacts, as most will bounce or be misdirected (they are years old, and journalists change assignments often).

In general it is best to tailor your media list for the specific project at hand. Mass emails do not usually result in news coverage, and annoy reporters. Christi's explanation below is a good one. Best, Elly Blue Carfree Portland team.

Dear WCN member groups,

Arie Farnam compiled the following press lists over about 2 years. My recent experience with this list is that many addresses may be outdated, so I am working on an updated list.

In the meantime, I will be posting tips for building your own press contact lists and successfully placing stories. This will include templates for press releases and media advisories, as well as tips for identifying, talking to and emailing reporters.

It is always best to target reporters and not send mass faxes or emails to reporters with whom your organisation does not have an established relationship. While you should feel free to use this list until I can provide an updated one, please keep this in mind. Try to contact the media outlet represented on the list to get permission to send a press release and to make sure the you are directing it at the correct person. Should you discover either an outdated contact on our list or identify a new contact when doing this, please contact me at cbrooks@worldcarfree.net, so I can add it to the updated list.

I will post the media tips as soon as possible, and the updated media contact list will hopefully be compiled soon. If you have appropriate up-to-date contacts, please email me.

Thanks, Christi Brooks Fundraising & Media Coordinator

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