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Hi! Thanks for visiting. "On the Train Towards the Future!" is on hold, dormant. But not really dead, as what we learned here is being applied in "Bikes on Board!" and other projects which you can find on http://greenideafactory.blogspot.com/

Thanks, Todd Edelman, Green Idea Factory

Welcome. The main OTTF website http://www.worldcarfree.net/onthetrain now contains basic information, including Powerpoint presentations, in English, Czech and Polish. There is also information in Hungarian.

November 2005:

SIRTS, the Polish rail industry member of UNIFE, has voted at their General Assembly in October to support our project, mostly with liaisoning to Polish rail operators, and the groups in Poland they cooperate with. Good news! Letter available on request.

We now have a survey on our website for members of IGKM, the Polish chamber of public transport. English version of survey available on request - thanks to Marcin Harembski from partner Polish Ecological Club for translating!

December 2005:

"Visualistion/infosheet" was prepared in relation to new trams for Wroclaw, Poland and distributed by a representative of UITP at a conference in Poznan, Poland.

Another - about Stadler FLIRT - was distributed at a meeting in Budapest early in the month by partners Hungarian Traffic Club.

More "visualisation/infosheets" have been prepared - some are online at www.worldcarfree.net/onthetrain/proposed_modules.php. Or ask to see new ones. Thanks to Petr Smid from partner Transport for the 21st Century for English to Czech translations, Judit Madarassy of partner Clean Air Action group for English to Hungarian and Marcin for more English to Polish.

Article came out in IGKM magazine (see above). This is based on Polish info on our website.

Completed final report for grant from Milieukontakt Oost-Europa.

January 2006:

The following is an excerpt of response by Milieukontakt Oost-Europa to Final Report (see above): "...Although you describe in the report that you had to reschedule, replan and redirect many elements of the project due to various understandable reasons, I think a lot has been done by you. The materials are absolutely terrific. And congratulations with the IVF [International Visegrad Fund grant for Translations] funding..."

20 January: The main OTTF webpages have been significantly modified and updated, with the new "modules" concept explained... and examples shown. See http://www.worldcarfree.net/onthetrain

Translations of new introductory documents should happen soon.

February 2006:

14 February: More new visualisation-infosheets at http://www.worldcarfree.net/onthetrain/proposed_modules

December 2006:

25 December: I hope to relaunch edited and re-formulated version of materials and project in early January 2007 at www.greenidea.eu, in anticipation of formation of Czech and European pro-rail groups.

February 2007:

28 February: Still working on getting website set up. Can someone help? I promised to take this stuff off of WCN website some time ago, and I appreciate their patience... but....


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