World Carfree Network - NewYork

Report submitted by Sara S.

The November ride was monitored by World Carfree Network's volunteer legal observers, who shadowed the ride with a video camera. They reported that the police presence at Union Square was huge and intimidating and that their method of rounding-up riders by blocking the street could easily be described as aggressive. Two legal observers from the National Lawyers Guild were also stopped by police, but not arrested. Our observer said she thought her presence might have had some effect in discouraging the police from engaging in more aggresive and/or unlawful activities. </p>

Three bicyclists were arrested and charged with the standard "disorderly conduct" and "parading without a permit". Their bikes were confiscated as evidence, and they were held in jail for a few hours before being released.

Our observer was unable to confirm whether the NYPD had warned riders before the ride that they would be arrested for riding in a group (either by sound-truck or hand-out).

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