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Report submitted by Olaf:

There were less than 200 bikers riding, and about a quater to a half were ticketed mostly on bogus traffic violations, i.e. riding more than 2 abreast, (which is not the law in the city as the officers telling the grunts to write those tickets well know), about 8 tickets for disorderly conduct.

There was one arrest for disordely conduct.

One ticket issued to Ellen xupgardening@gmail.com for VTL 1234 which she believes is not applicable in NYC.

More Info sent from Gideon:

The best information I have, which is from a reporter who spoke with the NYPD's Deputy Commissioner of Public Information's office, is that there were between 53 and 61 tickets issued, about 8 of which were for disorderly conduct. There was also 1 arrest.

My understanding is that lots of the tickets were "for" riding more than 2 abreast but cited RCNY 4-12(p) instead of VTL 1234, which would make them facially valid. The City has informed the head Administrative Law Judge in Traffic Court that the NYPD consents to dismissal of all 1234 tickets, but 4-12(p) tickets can only be beaten by pleading not guilty and proceeding to dismissal or trial.

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