World Carfree Network - NewYork

February Legal Observer Report submitted by Sara S:

Eight World Carfree Network legal observers were on duty on Feb. 24th 2006. Our team included six Americans, one German and a citizen of Israel. Five observed on foot. Three of us observed from bicycles.

This was the first ride following the February 15th decision by a NY state judge denying the City's request for an injunction against the environmental group Time's Up! The injunction would have made it illegal for Critical Mass riders to gather at Union Square and to ride together without applying for a permit. The judge also said that the City can't make it illegal for Time's Up! to publicize the ride on their web-site.

The decision appears to have had a significant effect on how the ride was policed this month. A major reduction in the number of arrests was observed, and unlike the majority of the 687 riders who have been arrested on Critical Mass rides since August 2004, no riders were charged with "parading without a permit". Three were arrested for "disorderly conduct" and released from jail before 9 pm. 23 people were issued citations traffic code violations.

For more about the 2/24/06 ride visit to the Village Voice Blog Report

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