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Talking points for talking to the media

  1. Press release mentions that "one-third of land in N. America given over to parking etc." -- we have source at office. I will add it later

  2. Figures from Montreal come from City of Montreal website: http://www.amt.qc.ca/comm/enville05/comm2_en.asp

  3. Actual number of WCFD events: can't say for sure. We are basing this on figures from past years and the European Carfree Day figures (http://www.september22.org)

  4. Reporters may say that "modern alternatives" such as bikes and trains are actually not modern at all. We can respond that, yes, these are "older" but ironically it is modern thinking that has led to the implementation of bike routes and better mass transit, while car-oriented planning remains stuck in the mindset of the 1950s

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