World Carfree Network - Main

Minutes from Meeting in Tabor, Czech Republic

Ideas for website:

  • add FAQ
    What is carfree day
    how does it work
    some history
    best practices
    * project database
  • description
  • target group
  • ideas database
  • statistic useful info, facts
  • info discussion
  • practical tips on how to organise things in your database
  • downloadable posters

materials to be placed online:

  • pictures, films, visual database
  • logo
  • flash back / feedback on what happend - from organiser
  • mailing list

Can we translated a brochure on how to work with governments and cities (based on EU brochure). Could EU pay for translation?

World Carfree Network office has limited capacity, this is why the website is not so great

TO DO this year:
Prague office can realistically upload films online, online discussion for organisers,

We should focus our real efforts on 2007


  • ask 2006 organisers to send their timelines or info for handbook for local authorities
  • possible open website to allow people to upload info themselves, perhaps upload topics, then people can contribute content
  • would people find it useful for an online forum for carfree day? (makes sense, but you have to create your own user name and password to avoid spam) - doesn't take long to set up

we need to create an international buzz

  • approach student groups
  • try and do something before 22 sep 2006
  • good to have a decentralised

Register new domain name?

  • www.worldcarfreeday.org
  • or perhaps carfreeday.org

late september / begining of october

reclaim the streets resource

next steps

  • summary of brainstorming list
  • make available on the website, the resources that we have immediately available, organise existing resources
  • improve tone of page, add some excitement
  • patrick volunteered to rewrite text
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