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Minutes of meeting in Tabor, Czech Republic

Carfree Indymedia Site Minutes of meeting 25 May 2006

Proposal: Make use of the IndyMedia website.


  • World Car Free - website with info
  • Carbusters - selected news every three months
  • Indymedia - provides frequently updated news


  • Can act as a news portal for worldcarfree
  • Will allow us to obtain more activists (indymedia is very popular

with activists - not be underestimated)

  • Plenty of examples of how it works.
  • Existing technology that we can leverage
  • People are empowered to upload news articles themselves / open & free
  • Provides a stream of info for future carbusters issues
  • Helps streamline efficiency of Carbusters work, get relevant articles
  • Multilingual support


  • We have to apply to become an indymedia site
  • Write to collective
  • List of questions to be answered
  • need to define an editorial policy
  • Need to define editorial collective
  • Need a computer programmer to design actual website


  • Walking
  • Cycling
  • Public Space
  • Public Transport
  • Carfree Development
  • Transitions (eg Car sharing)
  • Events / other
  • Announcements


  • Do we have to pay to host ourselves?
  • Overlap of content with World Car Free website ??
    there is not really any news currently
  • Who are the editors?
  • What kind of news?
    could be anything, even local (at least the self-posted material on the right column)
    main articles should maybe be more useful in the international sense.
  • Concerned about the gap / gulf between the indymedia portal and the wcn website, Indymedia is supposed to be independent?
  • How are editors decided?
  • Can we discuss articles?
    yes this is possible by using comments


  • Topics may be hidden at bottom of lists
  • Is Indy media happy with theme specific portals?? Is there a reason?
    this may be a new development for indymedia
  • Extremism on indymedia
    this is moderated by the editors , policy have to defined

To Do:

People who are interested:

justin - vernichte.dein.auto@gmail.com
Steve - svonpohl@centrum.cz
Randy - rghent@gmx.net
george - gnstiff@HOTMAIL.COM
patrick - patrick@odd-sock.net
susa - susannairaci@gmail.com\\

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