World Carfree Network - Ideas

We welcome your ideas for this 4-day event (with WCN AGM) to be held in Prague in autumn 2009.

A - Results from survey:

Results of the survey at http://www.surveymonkey.com/s.aspx?sm=6v51nHjeggFfJggmS21cZw_3d_3d (21 responses)

November - best month (50 per cent) Late October (44 percent)

4 day event: Thur-Sun suggested

Decision: 5-8 Nov, to be confirmed by ICC meeting and change approved by funder

Other survey results:

In descending order of interest:

  • carfree events and actions
  • European policy and EU interaction
  • network development
  • mobility justice
  • media

11 people would like to lead a workshop.

B - collection of programme ideas - theme & speakers:

Report and/or Workshop on ...

Carfree Day Events & Actions:
There was a very large and succesful cfd in Hannover, full of street events, at May 17, 2009 (see map with big closed area in http://www.hannover.de/autofrei)
Markus asked already the organising woman from Hannover city admin, she is interested to come and present, and wcn-member-org "autofrei leben!" could sponsor her travel costs - but all needs to be confirmed finally (as soon as Seminar-date is confirmed finally).
In case it doesn`t work for whatever reason:
- alternatives ??

EU policy and interaction:
- speaker ?

- What about someone from T&E?

network development:
- speaker ?

mobility justice:
- speaker ?

Workshop: experiences with, develop WCN policy on green-washing, give recommendations etc.
Markus ask LobbyControl.de people if they have or know speakers related to transport.
Jason K should facilitate this (not yet asked).

Peak-Oil and its local consequences:
"think global - act local", political "Peak-Oil-resolutions" at community level etc, good example S.F. and other cities
Simon will ask monbiot.com, see
if he refuses,
Markus will ask Paul Nellen, german journalist-expert for Peak-Oil.

Maybe invite Transition Town people, Simon to try Peter Lipman from the UK.

Behaviour Change:
- Markus ask Felix Creutzig, he wrote something about that (http://creutzig.berkeley.edu/, now back in Berlin, very interested in carfree issues).
- Simon: ask Werner Broeg ??

Swiss transport policies:
- the CAS people (wcn member org) could report on e.g. car reduction in Basel and Zurich, Beat von Scarpatetti is very interested to come to the seminar.

International Financial Institutions' transport policies
- How do the EIB and EBRD promote cars/road transport and what can we do about it? - If people are interested, Pippa can organise this. (SF: yes!).

Carfree Movie Night:
- "The End Of Suburbia" (http://www.endofsuburbia.com/ + http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_End_of_Suburbia )

- "The Age Of Stupid"

- new movie from auto*mat (member org): Documentary on Prague bike and anti-car movement
Details from Danie Mourek (tbc) and at http://www.automatfilm.cz/

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