World Carfree Network - ICC

Present: Chris, Jane, Marko, Tanja, Theo

Announcements - Welcome Marco! - SC meeting in the evening - Party on the 31st

Updates - TCC X - Bulletin - CB - Member fees - Web sites (cms&home page updates) - CB reader - How-To-Guides

Items - EC debt - Office manager/Project coordinator - Salaries - Justin representing WCN in a conference in Dresden together with Simon and Markus - Resource Centre - Ad exchange with Momentum magazine - Cleaning day etc.


  • Marko is the new EVS volunteer. Welcome!

  • Steering Committee meeting will take place tonight over skype.

  • To welcome Marko, say goodbye to Sam and Theo and to celebrate Jane's birthday, an office party will be arranged.


  • TCC X: A call for proposals was made in December. No proposals have arrived. The call will also be posted in the bulletin. Updates to come when something new arrives.

  • Jan. Bulletin: The bulletin is almost ready and will go out as planned.

  • CB: Carbusters is in progress and will be out as planned.

  • Member fees: The fee drive has been postponed until now, and now it's the good time to launch it. Tanja and Theo are working on it.

  • Web sites: The WCN website needs to be updated, to remove the WCD reports and include the TCC call for proposals and a banner for the members to pay their fees. Tanja will make the banner and Chris will do the updates, with the help of Marko and Jane. Nothing new exists on the transition of the websites to a CMS. Marko will continue the contact with the people who have volunteered to do it.

  • CD Reader: The planned Carbusters Reader (Chris's future capital project) is under progress. Chris works with Nathan for illustrations and is doing research on the content. Planned date for printing is March. More on that later.

  • How-To-Guides: The how-to-guides and policy manual have been fully updated. Last checks need to be made before it is printed and uploaded on the how-to-guide wiki.


  • EC debt: Since the financial situation is slowly getting better, Tanja and Radka have proposed to pay off the debt, so as it doesn't increase due to interest. The ICC agrees to support that decision.

  • Office manager/Project coordinator: Tanja will draft the call for an office manager/project co-ordinator today and it will be published in the bulletin tomorrow.

  • Salaries: Radka proposed to increase the salaries of the permanent staff of the ICC. Last time there was a raise was in 2004. Radka's proposal was that full-time salary should/could be 18,000 crowns and part-time 9,000 crowns before taxes. The ICC collectively supports this decision. This applies from this month.

  • Justin representing WCN in a conference in Dresden together with Simon and Markus: Anyone connected with the network has the right and obligation to promote the goals of the carfree movement. Justin cannot of course represent the ICC or the WCN, but anyone affiliated with the Network can go in conferences and give presentations, pointing to the info@worldcarfree.net account for further information. This is a general practice, applying to all members. The ICC encourages everyone to promote the goals of the carfree movement.

  • Resource Centre: We need to order four new copies of "Critical Mass". Marko will take care of that. Theo contacted the publisher of Carfree Design Manual to get a quota for the book. Pre-orders for the book will be made available through KAGI.

  • Ad exchange with Momentum magazine: Chris has been in communication with Momentum Magazine - we will give them half a page of advertisement and they will offer a quarter page horizontal. (We have a readership of 1,500, they have of over 30,000 so it's good for us). Tanja will create the ad.

  • Cleaning day etc.: Cleaning day will be after the magazine distribution.
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