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Add new nominees and info about them here (in alphabetical order, please):

Hossein Amanat: architect who designed some gorgeous classical buildings for the Bahai complex on Mt. Carmel. See: http://www.ca.bahai.org/main.cfm?sid=78

Joel Crawford: author of "Carfree Cities" and owner of Carfree.com. Very active advisor of WCN. In fact, member of this working group.

Noushin Ehsan: she is an architect of Iranian origin, now working as a leader in Envision (architects) in New York. See: http://www.sofiaecho.com/article/serving-and-inspiring-people/id_4717/catid_32

Jan Gehl: Copenhagen-based architect. Premier thinker and author on the relationship between architecture, public space and public life. Understands value of pedestrian areas but isn't necessarily in favour of large carfree areas. Close colleague of Lars Gemzoe, who presented at Towards Carfree Cities III and V.

Allan B. Jacobs: is author of the wonderful "Great Streets." Now with the Project for Public Spaces. See: http://www.pps.org/info/placemakingtools/placemakers/ajacobs

James Howard Kunstler: author of "The Geography of Nowhere" which assails the destruction of landscape, community and soul brought on by the auto age, and and "The Long Emergency" which explains just how dislocating the end of cheap oil is becoming for Americans in particular. Featured speaker at the Congress of New Urbanism last June. Provocative.

James Kushner: internationally recognized expert in land use and community development whose numerous publications stand as some of the most highly regarded treatises on the art, science and law of urban planning. He is professor of urban planning law at the Southwestern University School of Law in Los Angeles. His books include "Comparative Urban Planning Law" and "The Post-Automobile City." The latter features carfree housing developments.

Enrique Penalosa: Former mayor of Bogota, now running for president of Colombia. Instigated Bogota's carfree day program and its BRT system, bikeway network, etc.

Gordon Price: Former councillor of the City of Vancouver, Canada. He is a leader on car free cities and help to create one of the most dense areas in Vancouver and in North America for that matter. His influence has allowed people not to rely on cars and get around easily by walking, biking, taking the bus. He currently teaches at UBC in the urban planning department. Very well spoken.

Richard Register: President of Ecocity Builders, founder of Urban Ecology, author of several books including "Ecocities", convenor of about five international conferences on the ecology of cities. Very supportive of our carfree efforts. Thoughtful, knowledgeable.

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