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deadline: June 11 2007 theme: "Our Cities, Our Selves" print date: July 1 2007

Departments Editor agrees to send draft text for section as Word .doc by deadline specified above. Greyscale .tif images between 150-300 dpi to be sent separately. Bas will lay out. Stories must include date, location, and source. Original writing preferred to copying. Word .doc must meet minimum word count. Send to editors@carbusters.org

Letters (all letters should be forwarded to editors@carbusters.org. Rob will edit.)

Action (2000 words plus one picture & one sticker/poster/propaganda piece) Editor: Bas

Car Cult Review (2000 words plus pictures; one punchy quote for top of page) Editor: Bas

World News (2200 words plus 3 pictures; original summaries preferred to copying) Editor: Christi

Member/Carfree Profile (1000 words plus picture; can be interview or essay) Editor: Randy [Did Randy agree to this? Carfree UK might be good. I will post .doc to server in "31" folder. -rz]

Studies and Reports (1200 words, pictures or charts optional) Editor: Christi

Resources Editor: Bas

Reviews (2 or 3 book/movie reviews, approx 2500 words) Editor: Robert Zverina (the great warming DVD; People for Public Spaces book), Steven (planet of slums)

Features Rob - Various takes on urban planning vis a vis cars; centerfold-carfree day & night planning guide (might ask Bas to help finish layout) Randy - Proximity Paper

Ed note: I will start posting "rough" .pmd pages to srver next week. Actually have quite a bit of good material thus far and am looking forward to leaving on a good note. -rz

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