World Carfree Network - AGM2010

World Carfree Network AGM - Friday 2 July 2010 - York, UK


Note: last year's AGM forum was at:

09:30 Introduction to WCN

  • staff and core activities (Cigdem Cevrim, Acting WCN Office Manager)
  • the governance structure of WCN Europe and the WCN virtual global network (Simon Field, Steering Committee and Management Committee)

09:50 Review of the year: projects, membership, successes and challenges (Cigdem)

10:10 Introduction to facilitation and the decision-making process (facilitator: Matthew Herbert - Rhizome Coop).

10:15 Proposal for a new WCN membership category: Institutional Members (Simon Field)

  • draft criteria for membership to be circulated in advance?
  • discussion: fee structure ideas


11:00 Financial situation (Cigdem and Simon)

  • 2009-2010 accounts
  • Carbusters cost-reduction action plan (Alex?)
  • Financial projections for the rest of 2010
  • Longer-term financial outlook and strategy

12:30 Lunch.

13:30 WCN restructuring - SC and ICC proposal to be presented

  • SWOT analysis of current set up
  • Staff and finances
  • Viability and governance of the Global and European Networks
  • The 'Network': How to work with our members for our members

15:00 Strategic planning.

  • Review of Strategic Plan draft from 2009 AGM: how do the aims reflect current / future ICC projects / capacity?
  • Action Plan for 2011: projects

16:00 Election of SC and AB members.

16:45 Any other business.

  • must be notified 30 days in advance


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