Towards Carfree Cities IX - Call for Programme Proposals

Conference dates: 28 June to 1 July 2010 - Location: York, UK

Update: Although the initial deadline of 11 December 2009 has passed, the organising team is still accepting programme proposals, at least through the month of January. Please send your proposal as soon as possible, following the process as outlined below.

Download this call for proposals as a pdf document.

This year's conference theme 'How Do We Get There?' complements our positive vision of the future with a practical focus on bringing carfree communities to life.

We'd like to bring together those with an existing or potential interest in implementing carfree development in the UK and Europe. By learning all we can from successful (and less successful) projects implemented so far, it is then possible to find the most promising strategies and adapt them to fit our local contexts.

Of all the countries in the world, many agree that conditions in the UK are the ripest for carfree development. So we'd like to sit down with architects, planners, developers and urban designers and see what we can achieve.

At the same time, we will be learning from and seeking inspiration from the past, looking at how a medieval pedestrian city was organised spatially, and how the lessons can be applied to future settlements.

Additional topics may include responses to peak oil and climate change at the local level, low carbon living, urban cycling, the psychology of car culture, and child-friendly liveable streets. You are free to suggest others as well.

With the above theme and related topics in mind, World Carfree Network and our hosts Carfree UK are now seeking programme proposals in any of the following four categories:

  1. presentations,
  2. debates/strategic discussions/project development meetings,
  3. interactive workshops/activities, and
  4. actions/excursions/on-site visits.

As the conference time will be divided equally among these four categories, proposals for activities other than presentations will have a higher chance of being accepted. In addition, we are accepting submissions of short films for the video night, posters or other installations for the exposition space, and street reclaiming activities.

Programme proposals of up to two pages in length can be sent in English to , including a title and description of your proposed activity, the proposed time length and room size, the anticipated or desired outcome of the activity, any relevant personal information or experience, and your full contact details.

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 This page was last updated 3 January 2010