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Sixty participants from across Europe and beyond descended on Prague March 17-22, a week packed with presentations, round-table strategy sessions, a press conference and official public day, a walking tour, a bike ride, and finally, a big closing party and concert.

Featured presenters included J.H. Crawford (author of "Carfree Cities" and publisher of Carfree.com), Oscar Edmundo Diaz (organiser of the now-famous car-free days in Bogota, Colombia), Lars Gemzoe (co- author of "New City Spaces" and "Public Spaces - Public Life", Copenhagen, Denmark), Kirstin Miller (of Ecocity Builders, Berkeley, USA), and John Whitelegg (Professor of Environmental Studies, author and transport consultant, Lancaster, UK).

Above all, the high-energy, productive week resulted in the forging of invaluable interpersonal contacts and collaborations and a strengthening of the international Car Busters network. The network, it was decided, will hold a Towards Car-Free Cities conference annually in Central Europe - with TCFC IV to be held in July, August or September 2004, possibly in Berlin or somewhere in Poland. The network will use the name Car Busters in some situations, but also gain flexibility by utilising a second, more conservative-sounding name where appropriate. That second name is still undecided but could be something like Car-Free International or the Towards Car-Free Cities Network (suggestions welcome).

Aside from the continuing conference series, a number of collaborative projects were prioritised for the coming year and the long-term, such as a website aimed at officials and planners, and the founding of a Car-Free Institute based in Venice. The conference also wrote a proposal for a coordinated global World Car-Free Days programme, which was then delivered in person by Oscar Edmundo Diaz to the European Union in Brussels and the United Nations in New York.

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