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The International Coordination Centre is run by the staff of World Carfree Network Europe from their Prague office.

Alexander Berthelsen is at heart a free public transport activist. Born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden he started to work with the free public transport advocates in Planka.nu about five years ago. During that time Planka.nu has broaden their activities and now work with all kinds of questions related to making the transport sector in Stockholm climate smart and fair. Alexander has also been very active in the anti highway movement in Stockholm and has a passion for pop music, lobbying, Internets, urban planning, Marxist and feminist literature and dancing.

Back in Stockholm he worked as a web editor for the Stockholm County Council and has studied Economic History and Gender Studies. He started his EVS (a one-year internship financed by the European Commission) career in September 2009 and will be working with Carbusters online and the new toolkit project as well as helping out a bit with the Carbusters magazine.

Languages: English, Swedish and hopefully some Czech in a few months...

Başak Çiğdem Çevrim studied Urban Planing in Istanbul, some architecture in Barcelona, Arts and Design in Prague. She worked as a photographer, urban planner and freelance designer. She wrote to various magazines about cinema, urban analyses, photography, design, urban inspirations. Her career in WCN started by realising a video for the Towards Carfree Cities Conference VII in winter 2007, and re-designing the graphic layout of Carbusters in summer 2008. Since March 2009 she is an EVS at the office; part of Editorial Collective and in charge of design.

Being an urban planner, her motivation against car culture has two aspects; as a political issue in global scale, investments on motorways out of need; and as a social issue, that car is not a tool that carries us, but a sign that we are better people because we can afford a bigger car.

Languages: Turkish, English, Spanish, Czech (starting)

Anna Nygard was born in Finland but grew up in a suburb to Stockholm, Sweden. She became a political activist almost ten years ago, organized in the Swedish anarcho syndicalist youth federation, SUF, and was one of the founders of Planka.nu - a free public transport organization.

Over the years she’s had many jobs, in restaurants, at the post and so on. She has also been studying economic history at the university and it happens sometimes that she plays the saxophone or the flute in some random pop band. Working as an EVS-volunteer at WCN means that she for the first time will have a job that she actually knows something about.

Languages: Swedish, English and a little German (hopes to learn Czech)

Vlado Randa was born in Zilina, Slovakia. He studied mathematics - management in Bratislava, Slovakia. During his studies he was influenced by the work of Marco Vlamming, youth activist from Netherlands. That's why he became active in the field of youth work, organizing many seminars, trainings and summer camp for young people focused on self-development. After university he founded NGO Preles with friend in Slovakia, where he stayed one and half year working with youth, using methods of experiential learning. Then he moved to Prague and started working as an e-learning specialist for IT company. This finished when he got chance to participate on project of high ropes course in Slovakia. After finishing the project, be joined WCN Europe in Prague.

Languages: Slovak, Czech, English, Russian, Italian

Daria Samokhvalova joined WCN and Carbusters Editorial Collective in July 2009. She was born in Kazakhstan, then moved to Novosibirsk, Russia where she studied Russian Language and Literature. After graduating she began to work as a web-manager for different commercial web-projects. Daria got tired of work full of limitations and decided to find occupation she really would like. As a cycling enthusiast while riding across the city she faced a lot of problems caused by cars and autoholics. The best decision for her was to bring her skills and energy to a movement struggling with car-domination. Her other interests include music, self-development, traveling, walking, thinking and meeting new people.

Languages: Russian, English and Czech (in the nearest future!)

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