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EVS volunteer position opening: Spend one year in Prague helping carfree movement!

Interested in Carfree cities? Sustainable transport? Cycling activism? Urban design? Streets for people? Want to go abroad and experience something new and exciting while working for NGO? If yes, then apply for the one-year EVS volunteer position.

We offer 2 EVS positions that are matched with individual volunteers according to their personal preferences and abilities. All volunteers are trained and coordinated by the project coordinator. Our office language is English.

Volunteers can help with: assisting with the production and circulation of Carbusters magazine and/or World Carfree News. Specific tasks are theme development, solicitation of articles and graphics, article research, writing, editing, page layout/graphic design, pre-press work, mailing and work on Carbusters.org website, learning to use specific computer software/research and graphic design techniques, responding to requests from youth groups in the network and working on developing the publication based on the wants and needs of youth city-traffic groups across Europe.

A major factor when choosing volunteers will be their interest in issues of sustainable transport, traffic, urbanism, environmental issues and the World Carfree Network Czech Republic project in general, also fluent English is essential. We prefer creative, selfmotivated, responsible and independent volunteers, but also with a good ability to work in a team. Age of the applicants should be 18-30. Graphic design/web design, editing, writing, project management skills are welcome.

The first EVS volunteer is suppose to start the project in the beginning of September 2010, the second one - in the beginning of December 2010. If you are interested, please send your CV and motivation letter to info@worldcarfree.net before 30th of April 2010

The living costs of the volunteer will be covered according to the rules of European Voluntary Service programme

Please, read the full description of the Project here

Other volunteer opportunities

If you feel interested in helping us, you may do some volunteer job. If you are an author of carfree publications, photographer or artist doing carfree illustrations, activist wanting to share his/her valuable experience, please contribute to our Carbusters magazine or blog

Contact us with any suggestions

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 This page was last updated 24 March 2010