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  • Brighton - United Kingdom
    The Slow Bike Race Challenge Cup The Egg, Bike & Spoon Race The Bicycle Ballet www.bicycleballet.co.uk plus others to be confirmed
  • Grenoble - France
    "Urban Space reconquest" ! ! ! ! Between 12:00 and 14:00, when cars go out of the parking, we park a bike and we use the rest of the space for having lunch and talking together, playing or listening music, playing sport (badmington, ping pong, etc), making children drawing on the ground, but also giving informations, etc. etc. We invite everybody to join us "place de Metz" in Grenoble, to use this place in the city center which is used only by cars in the rest of the year.
  • Milan - Italy
    Milan University's Mobility Week is joined by North Park Administration, Association +bc, UISP (a sports group), and the Sesto San Giovanni Community YoVo Association for a day in the Nord Milano Park to see new cycle path projects and to present Bicycle Orienteering Sport to adults and children. There will be a breakfast for cyclists and free cycle repair by the +bc association. Theatre: a cycle monologue by a young (cyclist)actress in order support of a bicycle project in Togo (Africa). There will be two photographic expositions (15th - 25th) on Milan's cycle self-repair groups and the African project "ToGo by bycicle".
  • Košice - Slovakia
    Carnival on bicycles and inline skates. This event is a celebration of our regular promotional and protest weekly bikerides with the goal to popularise this form of ecological, end economical transport and to bring the attention of authorities to the very bad condition for cyclists. Photos at www.mickosice.sk/cyklofoto.htm
  • Bucharest - Romania
    Spreading leaflets with information about transport and climate to car drivers.
  • Istanbul - Turkey
    Bike tour istanbul
  • Belarus - Minsk
  • Belgium
  • Belgium -Brussels
  • Croatia - Osijek Greens
  • Czech Republic - Dìtí zemì
  • Czech Republic - Auto*Mat
  • Germany - Berlin
  • Germany ('Mobile without a car' - June)
  • Germany (Klimabündnis/Climate Alliance)
  • Italy - Milan (September 17 at "Parco Nord Milano" near the university district. Goal is to promote a cycling lane from the university to the park. Events also Sept 22 and 24)
  • Netherlands
  • Poland - Wroclaw
  • Portugal
  • Russia (various cities, see also Critical Mass website)
  • Serbia and Montenegro (Novi Sad, Kraljevo - no website) - exibitions, critical mass, videonight, workshops, games for kids, music, picnic
  • Switzerland - Zürich

Latin America

  • Santiago - Chile
    Ciudad Viva is participating in a coalition to celebrate World Car Free Day. The Spanish-language website and special edition of Ciudad Viva's periodical, La Voz de La Chimba, include pedestrian and bike maps.
  • Brazil (Ruaviva NGO)
  • Brazil (Bicicletada)
  • Colombia - Bogotá (Bicibogota - February)
  • Ecuador - Quito (no website - Colectivo Quito para Todos plans to document the amount of space cars take up in a street)
  • Mexico - San Luis Potosi

North America - Canada

  • Windsor - Ontario
    City Street Celebration: an expo for alternative transportation comments: This is the second annual City Street Celebration eventdescription: films, presentations, music, childrens events, alternative transport'n demonstrations, info tables, safety and maintenance workshops
  • Toronto - Ontario
    Activities in Dundas Square continue into the evening. Street closure featuring: Concerts, Kids activities, sports, stunts shows, relaxation area, booths, arts corner and more! All free!
  • Montreal - Québec
    We will be hosting a Car Free Day march from our downtown campus to Place des Arts at 11AM on Friday September 22 that will coincide with the march held by Voyagé Futé. We will also be hosting a free Bike Repair Workshop on campus from 1PM until 6PM. ?>
  • Halifax
  • Hamilton
  • Kitchener
  • Vancouver
  • Victoria

North America - United States

  • Louisville - Kentucky
    Proclamation from Mayor, Car Free Pledge, Bike to Work Initiative, Walk to School Program
  • Oakland - California
    The City of Oakland's 3rd annual CarFree Day observance will feature a lunchtime transportation fair in front of City Hall. eventdescription: Transportation Fair
  • Los Angeles - California
    A night of films, music, and fun celebrating and demonstrating Car-Free transportation choices. Bring a blanket, a picnic, and a friend and watch the sun go down behind the Los Angeles skyline. Admission is Free. email: info@BikeNow.org web: www.BikeNow.org
  • Santa Cruz - California
    Join fellow Santa Cruzers for a Community "Green Theme" Bike Parade! Wear & decorate your bike in Green! Ride for greener, sustainable cities. gather 5:30 Town Clock Tower Ride 6pm
  • Portland - Oregon
    Portland Carfree Days 2006. SW Ankeny between 2nd and 3rd Avenues
  • La Crosse -
    A day of local events, culminating with a festival at Cameron Park. Music and other entertainment; information on how to live car-free. Candlelight peace vigil after dark. On Saturday, September 23, the SpokesnFolks Parade celebrates human powered transportation. Everyone is invited to join the parade, whether they walk, bike, skate, or whatever. Anything goes as long as it's human powered, and flamboyant creativity is encouraged. Prizes will be offered for the best displays.
  • Madison - Wisconsin
    Carfree Challenge: Anyone can participate in the two week Car Free Challenge by committing to reduce at least one car trip per week, and keeping track of their travel at carfreechallenge.com . The challenge starts on September 22 and runs through October 5.
  • Pasadena - California
    Declaration by Mayor, "Car-Free Pasadena Day"; "You Want Me to Walk Where!?!" events; working on discounts and gifts from merchants for non-auto arrivals.
  • Philadelphia, PA
  • Orange and Durham County, NC
  • Decatur, GA
  • Arcata, CA
  • Berkeley, CA
  • Portland, OR
  • Ashland, OR
  • Franklin, TN
  • Madison, WI
  • Pittsburgh, PA (July 23, 2005)


  • Seoul - South Korea
    922 stop the car' citizens' campaign - Bicycle campaign with children
  • Petaling Jaya - Indonesia
    Lunch to celebrate World Car-Free Day and the launch of RapidKL's Area 5 & 6 revamped bus routes. We are buying lunch for anyone interested in World Carfree Day & KL public transport at Sunway Pyramid on Friday, 22 Sept 2006. Please call Shin at 016-3478246
  • Tauranga - New Zealand
    Willow Steet in the centre of town will be closed for an alternative transport day. There will be a "car-crush" where people can have their car crushed in return for one year of free bus travel. Bike maintenance demonstrations, safe bike riding courses, guided city walks. The city is also holding a transport surgery on board a bus where residents can quiz council staff and politicians on the transport policies and strategies for the City. Organisations invloved include BikeNZ, City on Its Feet, Sport Bay of Plenty, TravelSafe and Environment Bay of Plenty.
  • Istanbul - Turkey
    Bike tour istanbul

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