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Asociación para la Promoción del transporte Público, founded 1993
The Association for the Promotion of Public Transport (PTP) aims to improve public transport and promote sustainable mobility. It has its central office in Barcelona and focuses its work in Catalonia.

Over the last few years PTP has been involved in several projects that have worked towards the following: the creation of the Metropolitan Transport Authority (ATM), the creation of integrated travel cards, the creation of a CarSharing Network, together with T&E (the European Transport and Environment Federation) the Road to Rail Project and Safe and Sustainable Freight Transport, the improvement of public transport and better sustainable mobility, a new mobility scheme between Barcelona and the Vallès instead of a new tunnel for cars, sustainable alternatives instead of Horta's tunnel, the construction of a new tramway, sustainable access to industrial parks, a law that gives force to a new mobility strategy based upon sustainable criteria.


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Languages spoken: Catalan, Spanish, English, French

Type of organisation: Non-profit
Geographic Scope:  National
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Public Transport
Lobbying/Political Advocacy
Public Media Campaigns