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The Carfree Green Pages are a project of World Carfree Network.

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Auto-Free Orange County, United States
A Volunteer Environmental Organization Favoring Less Car Use and Promoting Public Transit, Personal... (more)

BayPeds, United States
Pedestrian advocacy group in San Francisco Bay area, produce newsletter called The Foot Print.

Berkeley Center for Appropriate Transport, United States
Several groups under one roof: Pedal Express (delivery service), FABCAT (small manufacturer of bike ... (more)

Bicycle Civil Liberties Union, United States
Fighting against discrimination in all forms; for equity; for access; for safety.

Bicycle Frontiers , United States
Bicycle Frontiers provides attendance enhancement to world-class events and traffic relief for host ... (more)

Bicycle-Friendly Berkeley Coalition (BFBC), United States

Bike Hut Foundation, United States
A non-profit shop that focuses on recycling bikes and job creation and mentoring for at-risk youth

Bike the Bridge! Coalition, United States
Fighting for equal access to San Francisco Bay Area bridges.

Bikestation, United States
Bikestation is a nonprofit organization that seeks to improve the quality of life in urban communiti... (more)

C.I.C.L.E. Cyclist Inciting Change thru Live Exchange, United States is a small group of grassroots activists seeking to promote the bicycle as a viable and re... (more)

California Council of the Blind, United States
Blind student scholarships, advocating for rehabilitation reform, leading the way in improving publi... (more)

Car Free Days, United States
A main focus of this campaign is to encourage people to enjoy Car Free Days as often as they can. Th... (more)

Car Free LA, United States
Car Free LA is dedicated to helping people find the information they need to decide to become car fr... (more)

Car-Lite, United States
A California based non-profit founded in 2000, Car-Lite is the instigator of the Sebastopol Car-Free... (more)

CarFree City, USA, United States
Carfreecity, USA is working to create carfree areas in the United States. We are an organizing grou... (more)

Carfree Network - USA, United States
A network of carfree activists and organizations in the USA.

Citizens for Safe Access to Essential Services and Safe Milieus, United States
We remain an amorphous consortium of Disability & Environmental citizens concerned about sustainable... (more)

City CarShare, United States
Provides an alternative to exclusive car ownership, shared cars. Sharing dramatically reduces land u... (more)

Culture Change, United States
On our webpage you can sign up for the Culture Change Letter, and see the Archive webpages for Auto-... (more)

East Bay Bicycle Coalition, United States
To promote bicycling as an everyday means to transportation throughout the 33 cities in Alameda and ... (more)

Ecocity Builders, United States
Ecocity Builders is dedicated to the task of rebuilding our cities in true harmony with nature.

El Monte Walks!, United States
Improving and promoting the walkability of El Monte, and other non-auto ways to get around.

Electric Cyclery, United States
Electric Cyclery provides info about the latest electric bicycles and electric motor powered persona... (more), United States
We provide guidance and training materials, free to individuals, student groups, and workplace teams... (more)

Human Powered Vehicle Association, United States
The HPVA serves as a source of information for all human powered land, water and air records and all... (more)

International Making Cities Livable Council (IMCL), United States
An interdisciplinary, international network of individuals and cities dedicated to making our cities... (more)

Los Angeles Walks, United States
Loose group of walkers in the LA area,

Los Gatos Peds, United States
Los Gatos Peds works to make Los Gatos and Monte Sereno safe for pedestrians, bikes, kids and wheelc... (more)

Marin County Bicycle Coalition, United States
The Marin County Bicycle Coalition promotes bicycling for everyday transportation and recreation in ... (more)

Mission Pedestrian, United States
Mission Pedestrian is an organization of residents, business people, and neighbors who live and work... (more)

Oakland Pedestrian Safety Project, United States
The Oakland Pedestrian Safety Project is a Safe Communities program supported by the California Depa... (more)

Pasadena Walks!, United States
A pedestrian advocacy group in the center of car-culture Los Angeles County, California, USA; Pasade... (more)

Pedestrian Friendly Alameda (PFA), United States
PFA is dedicated to making Alameda a safe and enjoyable place to walk. A member of America Walks.

People Power, United States
People Power is Santa Cruz's advocate for Human Powered Transportation. We publish the People Power ... (more)

Roaming Free Radicals, United States
We are biochemically active humans and molecular fragmentoids containing excess and deficient qualit... (more)

San Francisco Bicycle Ballet, United States
Our dance is all about the beauty of the ride ! the joy of the bike! We are synchronized bicycle ... (more)

San Francisco Bicycle Coalition, United States
The SFBC's mission is to transform San Francisco's streets and neighborhood into more livable places... (more)

San Francisco Urban Alliance for Sustainability, United States
SFUAS is working to create a sustainable economic foundation for San Francisco through education, ou... (more)

Santa Barbara Car Free, United States
Santa Barbara Car Free is a cooperative project led by Santa Barbara County Air Pollution Control Di... (more)

Sierra Club Challenge to Sprawl Campaign, United States
The Sierra Club is calling attention to the problem of sprawl with yearly reports, providing resourc... (more)

Somer Waters Energy Manipulation, United States
Electical contractors via bicycle only. We serve the LA Central City area. Specializing in custom l... (more)

Synergistic Transformation Institute, United States
Synergistic transformation is a holistic-systemic reorganization of the way we live and work. It is ... (more)

Ted White, United States
Producer of videos focusing on alternative transportation and progressive urban design. Challenging ... (more)

The Bicycle Kitchen/La Bici Cocina, United States
The Bicycle Kitchen/La Bici Cocina is a cooperatively-run bicycle Culture and repair space dedicated... (more)

The Carfree Universe Project, United States
Provides a web site where members can share (self-publish) information (links, documents, news, imag... (more)

Transportation and Land Use Coalition, United States
Transportation and Land Use Coalition (TALC) is a collaboration of environmental, social justice, or... (more)

Walk & Roll Berkeley (W&RB), United States
Walk&Roll Berkeley is a local pedestrian advocacy group in Berkeley, member of America Walks.

Walk San Diego, United States
WalkSanDiego is dedicated to enhancing the livability of communities, through promotion, education, ... (more)

Walk San Francisco, United States
Walk San Francisco is a member based pedestrian advocacy organization that is making San Francisco a... (more)

Walk San Jose, United States
Walk San Jose is not a radical group -- it does not propose to penalize motorists or make substantia... (more)

WalkSacramento, United States
WalkSacramento is dedicated to achieving safe, walkable communities in the Sacramento metropolitan a... (more), United States
We publish as a source of PR-free details about energy and climate issues. ... (more)

Youth Bicycle Education Network, United States
The Youth Bicycle Education Network (YBEN) links, supports, and strengthens organizations that use t... (more)

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