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The Carfree Green Pages are a project of World Carfree Network.

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Association TerraWatt, Switzerland
TerraWatt is a group active in energy efficiency, renewable energies and ecological mobility (princi... (more)

autofrei wohnen zug, Switzerland
Engagment to emprove car free living in and around zug

Club der Autofreien der Schweiz (CAS), Switzerland
CAS tries to organize people who are living carfree and to give them a voice. The promotion of this ... (more)

EST goes EAST Clearing House, Switzerland
EST goes EAST Clearing House is a joint initiative by the Austrian Lebensministerium, UNEP (ROE), CE... (more)

Fussverkehr Schweiz (Pedestrian Mobility Switzerland), Switzerland
Pedestrian Mobility Switzerland makes the quality of pedestrian movement a public issue. We declare ... (more)

Fussverkehr Schweiz (Swiss Pedestrians' Association), Switzerland
Fussverkehr Schweiz ist der Fachverband der FussgängerInnen. Er ist das schweizerische Kompetenzzent... (more)

IG 22. September, Switzerland
The IG 22. September is a coalition of Swiss environmental and social organisations and parties to p... (more)

IG Velo local group Bader Basel, Switzerland
Local group of IG Velo. Die IG Velo beider Basel setzt sich für sichere und velofreundliche Strasse... (more)

IG Velo Switzerland, Switzerland
The Swiss Bicycle Advocacy Association is an organization with about 20,000 members. (Switzerland ha... (more)

ITE - European Transport Initiative, Switzerland
We are a collective of organisations that are mainly active in the fight for less and more environm... (more)

L'Association Transports et environnement, Switzerland
ATE works through public relations, lobbying and transport policy campaigns to promote mobility that... (more), Switzerland
TalkClimateChangeis a new initiative aimed at promoting global understanding of Climate Change and G... (more)

umverkehR, Switzerland
umverkehR steht für Zukunftsfähigkeit im Verkehrsbereich und ist parteipolitisch unabhängig. Wir for... (more)

Verkehrs Club der Schweiz, Ressort Velo, Switzerland
Big lobbying group for greener transports. Sells different kind of products linked to transports., Switzerland
Pro-pedestrian website for the Swiss town of La Chaux-de-Fonds.

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