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The Carfree Green Pages are a project of World Carfree Network.

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1, 2, 3, en voiture, France
The orientation of the company is to develop products like service of car-sharing.

L'ADAVA-ADTC is an association campaigning for the development of cycling, pedestrianisation, and pu... (more)

Amis de la Terre, France
Les Amis de la Terre is an asociation (according to the French "loi 1901" law), created in 1970. Sin... (more)

Anti bagnole, France
French-language information on the carfree movement with links, news and more.

antivoitures, France
French anti-car blog. Some English links.

ARLP Alternative Régionale Langon Pau, France
Acting and advocating against highway A65 in Aquitaine, ARLP gathers organisations and individuals t... (more)

AutoPartage-Provence, France
local carsharing organisation

CarFree France, France
French-language information on the carfree movement with links, news and more.

Centre d'Etude Technologique et de l'Equipement - Méditerranée, France
French governmental institution.

The CEREVEH, is an association (according to the French "loi 1901" law), gathering industrial and en... (more)

Chiche !, France
Chiche ! eco-alternative youth promotes ecologism, décroissance and vélorution. Strating the ecologi... (more)

Comité contre la frénésie autoroutiere , France
Comité contre la frénésie autoroutiere aims to gather every green activity in France against highwa... (more)

Echos velo, France
Echos velo is a website whose vocation is to refer any Web site which contributes with quality to kn... (more)

Ecoplan International, France
Think tank on sustainability and urban issues. Its five main programmes related to carfree issues ar... (more)

Federation Française de Cyclotourisme, France
The Fédération française de cyclotourisme is the most important association in the world overseeing... (more)

FUBicy - Fédération francaise des Usagers de la Bicyclette, France
French bicycle users network of groups all over the country. Produce quarterly magazine "Vélocité".

GART, France
Le GART is an association of public transit authorities. Its role is to represent elected officials ... (more)

La Périféerique, France
La Périféerique is an association (according to the French "loi 1901" law), the project aims at enti... (more)

Maison de l'écologie, France
Non-profit organization diffusing information and publications from other groups (Car Busters, Adbus... (more)

Mouvement de Defense de la Bicyclette, France
Paris based movement lobbying for bike in the cities.

Pignon sur Rue, France
information center, education in schools, workshop for fixing bicyles, debates about alternatives to... (more)

Plan de Deplacements Urbain Ile de France, France
Website for the transport plan for Ile-de-France, the department of France that includes Paris. The ... (more)

Regroupement pour une Ville sans Voitures (RVV), France
Actions to free the roads from cars, in the city of Lyon.

Resistance à l'Agression Automobile, France
RAGA est un site d'information, de réflexion et de mutualisation des initiatives visant ? résister ?... (more)

Union des transports publics, France
L’Union des Transports Publics is the trade association, gathering the urban haulage companies publi... (more)

Vélo En Tet, France
Promoting cycling in Perpignan

VeloBuc, France
Association that motivates to walk or bike for daily transport and short distances (school, shopping... (more)

association libre pour la promotion de l'usage et l'image du vélo, lutte contre tous les automodébil... (more)

Vélorution, France
Vélorution a pour objectif de dénoncer les politiques gouvernementales et municipales en faveur de l... (more)

Vélorution ! Bordeaux, France
Critical Mass sometimes on the last Saturday of the month and further reflection on car society.

Velorution Lyon, France
We organise Critical Mass once a month on the 4th saturday each month.

Velorution Paris, France
Crititical mass organizers in Paris, once a month

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